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Trina Rutherford
Trina R.
I was referred to them and do not regret taking the time to meet with them. They are very friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. This was my 3rd appointment regarding Dental Implants and they are way cheaper and explained in detail their process and why they are cheaper. I felt they genuinely care for the clients. Definitely recommend you giving them a shot. We will see what they next few months the entail.
Taryn Offenbacher
Taryn O.
Fantastic experience. I was very nervous about the procedure but Dr. Joe and his team were kind, constantly checking in with me to make sure I was doing well. I didn’t feel any pain. All in all great experience.
Dartez Family Emails
Dartez Family E.
Dr. Joe, you and your staff are amazing! You run your own prestige Aria Dental Implant Center and Clinical Director at the Dental Hearts organization directing/training U.S licensed dentists on live implant surgeries. Along with your support team of staff by your side you all seem to make dreams come true with magic! You are a family man, take great pride in how you dress and present yourself in a professional manner yet have this natural ability about you to make a patient feel welcomed and part of friends & family. All I would like to know is when do you ever get to sleep and enjoy the things in life besides dedicate yourself, perfecting your talents and send patients on their way to a whole new life with a beautiful smile they wished they could have been born with? Your team you assigned to my dental case surgery on Friday under your supervision was better than I imagined. I was so frightened of the unknown going in and walked out the same day feeling better than I ever felt about my smile in over 15 years. I never could afford such a expensive procedure until Craig owner of C&D Denture recommended your facility which is offering many available payment plans and finding the right plan to fit into my monthly budget for my dental issues along with my daughter's dental issues as well. We both became your patients all in one day! I'm happy to brag by day 3 post surgery I felt very good in recovery. By day 5 is when I noticed huge recovery improvement of healing taking place from what I needed in a very radical surgical procedure. I am looking forward to my 1st post op follow up so I can give you all my big beautiful smile and give you hugs of thanks. I look forward to the next 4 to 6 months of complete healing under the continual guidance of your and your staff. I promise I will do everything I can to protect and care for my new smile! I know my dental situation was of very poor condition and I can't stop being amazed of what was able to be done for me at Dental Hearts. I have gained my confidence back, my depression is gone and I don't have to continue to wear a mask any longer just to hide behind it. Thank you again, Cynthia
Ted haller
Ted H.
A few weeks ago I had some implants placed by Dr Joe Mehranfar He uses the latest technology and tools and from the best implant manufacturers. He has a brand new office and all of the staff are excellent .
Amir Lolic
Amir L.
You guys did excellent job everything goes perfect smooth nice thank you guys
andy ybanez
andy Y.
The staff here at Aria dental has been outstanding from start to finish ,Dr Joe and his staff has been amazing thru my who process I highly recommend Aria for any type of dental needs you may have .I appreciate everything they have done for me and I want to thank Dr Joe and his staff for being professional and for making me feel at home and at ease
Heather Bucholz
Heather B.
Amazing gentleman today!! Thank you! This place is the BEST if you need implants or other work!Landon is Great!Dr Joe your amazing!!Great atmosphere as well as service (even when you have to wear funny face gadgets while getting your teeth worked on)!
Julie McCauslin
Julie M.
Once again my time spent in the qualified and caring hands of the Aria Dental family today was a great experience!! I’m grateful every day for them!!!
Michael Bohannon Sr.
Michael Bohannon S.
At first meeting I knew this place was nice, The staff is super and helpful. The surgery went off without a hitch, They're very good at the work they do, I'm looking forward to the next phase
Richard Gilmartin
Richard G.
Incredible from the moment I walked in. Extremely beautiful office, staff was impeccable.
Phil F
Phil F
This is my first visit and I only met the front office person Sisie and the young fellow that took x-rays, Martin and previously I had a long conversation with Scott the office manager and I can say these are some of the nicest people I've met and a medical or dental office setting.Philip J. Federio
robert gallinoto
robert G.
I have no complaints. Great crew. Very helpful and informative. They went over and above. During a sinus lift they found the original bone graft did not take and they did another to make sure it was right.
Keli Nelson
Keli N.
I’m so thrilled I found Aria Dental Implant Center. The best cost for Dental implants. It can take up to 1 month longer to completely finish than other dental offices, but well worth it.Dr Joe teaches working Dentists how to do implants, and you are the person they learn on. Therefore a better price.The Dentists may have, or not have done them before. Dr Joe who runs the place is very knowledge and excellent with these procedures. He is involved and works together with the Student Doc that’s doing the work on you. These Dentist have practices alreadyBoth Dentist that have worked on me had done them before. They were fantastic and thorough.I won’t have my implants done anywhere but here.Definitely the best teaching facility around.
R Manley
R M.
Very pleased with their service to date. Caring Doctors, affordable prices, and wonderful staff. Can't top that!
Charo Lopez-Downs
Charo L.
If you need implants please do yourself a favor: Go HERE the entire personnel of this clinic is amazing! They treat you not like a patient, but like family, and any problem you have along the way and trust me is a long way by necessity they take care of with a smile! I was always afraid of dentists, but I am cured! I am talking from the bottom of my heart if you see my other reviews you will know that I do not hold back when something is wrong, but here everything is right: THANK YOU!!!
Nicholas Caprola
Nicholas C.
My initial consultation was a very positive experience. The staff was very professional and very friendly. They explained the entire process, answered all of my questions and made me feel good about getting an implant. Looking forward to my next steps.
Desiree Mallen
Desiree M.
I always get the best treatment here. Dr. Joe is the absolute greatest. His staff is totally amazing.
Elaine Pena
Elaine P.
Aria is staff is so very friendly they make you feel like family. They do great work. They actually care bout how you feel and your input is #1 spot on. It’s yr smile make it beautiful.
Julie McCauslin
Julie M.
This is literally the only dentist office I’m not terrified of. They listen patiently and take the best care of everyone who passes through their doors. Their techniques gets the job thoroughly and completely done. Thank you Dr. Joe and entire staff
Brian Jennette
Brian J.
Great visit today. Everything looks good doctor.Joe's Dental implant are one of the best you can get. These guys are very Pleasant and professional.I can't wait to get my permanent implants in. Would definitely recommend. Dr Joe. At Aria dental implants cen. New wife, new life, new world.
minggang lu
minggang L.
Awesome place and friendly staffs. Dr. Joe is very informative and thoroughly explains our issues we are experiencing with our implant and different treatment plans. Highly recommend!
Rosa Balderaz
Rosa B.
I Dr. Aria and staff are Amazing! Thank you for helping me with my delicate smile.
Bryan Satchell
Bryan S.
Great staff and unbeatable prices.
Maria Contreras
Maria C.
Every one at Aria Dental implant center are very knowledgeable in their feild Landon the receptionist is Awesome and kind to whom walks through their doors I recommend them most sincerely they are kind and Gentle while working on your Dentle needs plus they work with you on a payment plans all you need in implants! Ps Doctor Scott is wonderful as well !
Alex Longo
Alex L.
Dr Joe was very informative with my treatment plan. The staff was friendly.
Denny Fish
Denny F.
Amazing dental from Dr. Joe and front office Scott. Great guys doing a great service.
John Baker
John B.
Everyone is very professional. Dr. Joe rocks. All of them do!
Bob Bello
Bob B.
Dr. Joe and the staff were great! Very informative. I really appreciate there time and attention to detail.
Doug Temple
Doug T.
Great place and great staff!
Vincent Fiumetto
Vincent F.
Very professional and efficient
Gwen Russo
Gwen R.
Pricing for the All on four was much less than two other implant centers we visited and Dr Joe had a lot of information about my case. I am going to start with them next month.
scott Fitzgerald
scott F.
Nice place and friendly staff
Jennifer Russo
Jennifer R.
Heard about Aria on KTAR and decided to check them out for dental implants. They were able to get me in the next day due to a cancellation for an X-ray and consultation with Dr Joe. I am excited to get started.
Nicole DiAlbert-Vaughn
Nicole D.
Dr. Joe and his staff were great when I went for our second opinion. He explained the procedure and was very thorough. Their fees were thousands of dollars less than our first opinion.
robert johnson
robert J.
Very competent and really nice sraff. They get to the point and give you the price and timeline of your procedure. Highly recommend at least talking to them for 15 to 20 minutes you can see the whole picture cost and how it wirks.
Ol irish
Ol I.
Always great and the best!!
Will Posey
Will P.
I highly recommend Aria, their staff is second to none. Always friendly and extremely helpful, one the best dental office I've ever seen. Great job guys, highly recommended!!
Mike Walker
Mike W.
Just want to say thank you to the team and joe for taking care of me with love and thoughtfulness, they all really care about my smile and that I am comfortable with my implants . Thanks guysMike
Maddie Townsend
Maddie T.
I am so happy with the work Dr. Joe did. Not only did changing my smile increase my overall confidence, I also received great customer service and support throughout the process.
Mark Goldman
Mark G.
Had a molar extracted today. Excellent experience. No pain at all. Took about an hour. Wonderful place wonderful people. Warm and friendly. I highly recommended it.
Dan Leahy
Dan L.
Great experience
Scott McKinzie
Scott M.
Dr. Joe and his entire staff have made my experience 1st class, I cannot say enough good things regarding my interactions with the center.
Charity Schulenburg
Charity S.
Dr. Joe is an expert in the dental implant field, respectful, kind and a pleasure to be around. I will recommend anyone I care about to go to Aria Dental Implant Center for dental surgery needs - such a great experience!
Todd Ryan
Todd R.
I don't typically write reviews, but Dr. Joe was so thorough explaining all of my options, and patient answering my endless questions, I felt compelled to write a quick note. The overall experience was excellent. No hard sell used car sales tactics here. In fact, quite the opposite. Bravo Joe and team!
Robbie Six
Robbie S.
I am glad i found Aria Dental implant Center
Elizabeth Patino
Elizabeth P.
One One word comes to mind when I think of Dr. Joe Mehranfar’s and his Gang @ Aria and Dental Hearts... IMPECCABLE! Yesterday I had oral surgery to put in three implants I was scared. However, I was pleasantly surprised It was a great experience. Dr. Joe and his team provided me with gentle and flawless care. Today I am feeling like 1 million bucks thank you, Dr. Joe Mehranfar and Team Providing me with a pleasant dental implant surgery! I am excited to say goodbye to my bottom Denture! I highly recommend Aria and Dental Hearts if you or someone you know need implant surgery!
Tamura Broselow
Tamura B.
Every person I have dealt with at Aria have been very professional and helpful! They work with you when no one else will!
rachel springer
rachel S.
Been going to Denital Heart for implants. Dr Scott and Myra are amazing. They have talked to me about different options. Different things I can do. They have been very helpful with any questions or concerns I have had and then dressed all of them. I'm on the last step of my implants and the whole process has been very smooth and pleasant. I highly recommend their services and their office I'm very pleased with the whole experience
Ali Meschi
Ali M.
I recently saw Dr. Mehranfar for bone grafting and gum surgery. I have never felt so comfortable and at ease. Dr. Mehranfar explained the process in details and performed the surgery with care and expertise. It was pain free and I could not be pleased with the speedy recovery and results. Thank you. Everything was perfect.
Gary Warden
Gary W.
Very knowledgeable they explained everything in detail and very friendly.
cobalt please
cobalt P.
After 6 appointments I can say I would never trust another dental office as much as I do this one. All the staff are efficient, professional and make me feel welcome. The implants are a great experience and affordable.
Joe Mazella
Joe M.
The staff was very friendly and cordial. Everything you would expect from a top rated dental facility. Dr Joe explained my condition and what my options are. I highly recommend dr joe and the dental hearts staff
Timothy Schulenburg
Timothy S.
Incredible experience with an amazing staff!
David Swenson
David S.
I want to thank Dr. Joe and his team. I had an amazing experience and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for implants.
Gordon Lauer
Gordon L.
Had an amazing experience couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Very professional, compassionate would highly recommend!
Ray Roman
Ray R.
Dr. Joe has been really great to work with. He was very knowledgeable about dental implants when I asked questions and was very patient with me and my family. The staff was super nice and energetic. I highly recommend Dr. Joe for all your dental and denture needs!
Mark L
Mark L
Dr.Joe and his staff are the best!!! Answered every question that we had. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed about the entire process. Highly recommended!!
Kristine Townsend
Kristine T.
Had a wonderful experience at Aria. Dr. Joe and his staff were wonderful. I would highly recommend.
Jamie Kobyluck
Jamie K.
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Joe. He was patient and kind. I am extremely afraid of dentists and dental work.I had an implant done by him a year ago. No problem.When I broke another tooth. I knew where to go. He explained that although I could get a crown it may not work due to the fact of how far down it was broken. He also explained that I could just get it pulled, but eventually it would make the teeth in the surrounding area shift and cause more problems.I feel that Dr Joe fully explained all of my options. Has been understanding about any changes I have had to make for my schedule. I have even referred my sister to him. Please do not let the last review put you off as I have had nothing but excellent care with Dr Joe and his staff. He even gave me a discount for cash as I don't have dental insurance.
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