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Susan Chagoya
Susan C.
I have a fear of Dentist. When I went to Aria for a consultation I was very nervous. Just thinking about going made me anxious. When I got there I was impressed with the front desk to the medical staff. Dr Mehranfar has a very . Calming voice that puts me at ease. He explains everything to me thoroughly on each visit. The Medical staff are friendly, organized and efficient. I would recommend Aria to my family and friends
Onel Shell
Onel S.
Fantastic Staff...Excellent work..
kelly hermanowski
kelly H.
They were very thorough in explaining the whole project.i felt very comfortable and well informed.
Joanna Booher
Joanna B.
Great docs and staff!!
Richard DuBois
Richard D.
This was my first visit with Dr. Joe and his team. They all made me feel very comfortable, I was not rushed, all of my questions were answered. I’m diabetic and Dr Joe explained the challenges that diabetes could have initially and on longevity of the implants. I was extremely confident that Dr Joe had my best interests at heart.7/27/23 - This was my 2nd Appt at Aria Dental Implant Center. All 6 of my upper teeth that were left were pulled and the implants were placed. I was walked out by 3 people who told my wife how everything went and what to expect, she is an ICU nurse and that made a very good impression on her. They sent me home with some scripts for pain, but honestly, to my surprise, I had no pain.7/28/23 - My 3rd visit is when they placed the 1st set of teeth. It was an amazing transformation from the 6 yellow, crooked and sometimes very painful teeth I had the day before. My wife was there with me and she was also amazed at how good her 64 year old husband looked, she couldn’t believe how good I looked.8/8/23 - This was my 2 week checkup and everything went smoothly, and I still look amazing. The professional manner which everyone from the receptionist to all of the Doctors, Nurses and other office people was absolutely tops. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Aria Dental Implant Center.STILL 5 STARS4/17/24I broke the temporary top arch and called the office to get it replaced. They are always so caring, gracious and supportive it’s amazing. They never act like it’s an inconvenience, even if it is, and they always get me in, no later than the next day to replace the broken arch. Since this entire ordeal began, due to an auto accident, I have never been made to feel like I can’t call any time I perceive an issue. I love the staff and doctors there!
Frank Sales
Frank S.
The staff is specially affable and a pleasure with which to conduct business!
Ken Young
Ken Y.
Got in, got taken care of, professional!
alex pokraj
alex P.
Great productGreat people
Rick James
Rick J.
I had the all on four implants. Everyone that I met through this process was top notch. From office staff to the Doctors!! I would recommend them to anyone. I am a dental coward and everyone there were very understanding from Dr. Joe on down!! I only have praise for Aria dental implants. You will not regret going there!!
Lynnette King
Lynnette K.
WOW. very impressed with the level of professionalism, yet tempered with a real caring spirit. Did not feel pressured just a spirit of caring.
tom lobianco
tom L.
Everybody there is very professional very courteous. They use only the latest technology and the rates are off the board unbelievably good. Will literally save you thousands of dollars.
Micheal D
Micheal D
Very professional and organized. The staff was all on board and knew thier roles to ensure that i was comfortable in my surroundings. And Dr. JOE...WHAT A HOtitiveOT! He truly cares about his patients and you can see that his passion matches his expertise and education as he strives to be the very best. He is also very price competitive as well. Michael D.
robert sprosty
robert S.
Always on time, professional and caring. The best by far
Kent Lambert
Kent L.
I would like to say this about Dr Joe. I met him in 2017 .Since that time & now .Dr Joe has always been professional with the care & up keep of my implants.Thank you to all of the staff you as well 💓 always maintain a complete professional manner.
Ray Muench
Ray M.
After searching the greater Phoenix area for a solution to my extensive dental problems, I met Dr Joe at Aria Dental Implant Center. I found Dr.Joe and company to be professional and experienced. I was apprehensive about pain. I never felt any bad pain. Pain was handled with Advil. They have a completely high tech facility. They built your new teeth totally on site. They have a price below others while maintaining quality. Check them out, they are nice people.
Reza Afjeh
Reza A.
great doctors i had great experience i recommend to all my family and friends also dr roy theriot his the best unbelievable excellent doctor⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Dana Boik
Dana B.
Dr. Joe did a great job with all of my implants. His whole team is very knowledgeable and kind.
Karla Stanback
Karla S.
💜 my initial visit at ARIA Dental was a pleasant and very informative experience, from Karen at the front desk then my scan done with a pleasant technician to Maria with my consultation visit! Maria was very personable and she explained my scan and the type of care and treatment that would be best for me. Thank you all for your caring attitudes. It does make a huge impact when a person comes in for such a personal issue, their teeth!
love dogs
love D.
Great crew also nice and helpful
Ljiljana Lukenda
Ljiljana L.
the front desk is very friendly, as are the other staff and the doctor. The doctor explained nicely and answered every question. If I could give 10 stars I would.
John Harmon
John H.
Excellent customer service, very clean facility.
hadi shatak
hadi S.
Highly recommend!Dr.Joe Mehranfar and his team have provided an excellent experience. They are all very professional and they take the time to explain everything. By far the best dental implant office in the valley. Will definitely recommend to anyone seeking dental implant treatment!!
Joy Fanning
Joy F.
This is the dentist to visit. And the pricing will blow your mind! 🫨. You’ll meet all kinds of people who really care about your dental health! It’s very technologically advanced and they have their own onsite lab! The doctor goes all over the world teaching other dentists! I wish like crazy I’d gone to them a long time ago. I’m really excited to be working with them and entrusting my dental health to them!! I look forward to a long partnership with them!!😁😁😁
Mary bowles
Mary B.
To be honest, I was not happy with the 30 minute delay, and I almost left. However, I am grateful I did not. Maria Hernandez was great, with her knowledge and skill set. Dr. Joe was more than I imagined. He was very kind, patient, & knowledgeable , easy to work with. He is so much for the good of his patient, and their needs.Very helpful and down to earth.
Carole Wilson
Carole W.
Staff was courteous & truly cared about issues I’m having
Gregory Brockway
Gregory B.
Staff was informative and helpful.
pat olinger
pat O.
This was just the consultation Everyone was upbeat and professional. Very complete evaluation. They explained everything in layman’s terms Sounds like a great productThe most difficult part of the procedure Is Coming up with the cash
Christmas Martin
Christmas M.
Very helpful. Explained everything completely. Process we lost than others.
Don Frank
Don F.
The staff was very professional. Everyone was very concerned for my needs. Dr. Joe is outstanding. The whole team is the best. Thank you so much. 👍👍👍
Salvador Oceguera Figueroa
Salvador Oceguera F.
Me encanta este lugar todos ustedes son amigables y professionals
Sandy Manley
Sandy M.
Post is for My Husband Steve.. Appreciate the effort and support of this team in trying to make procedures possible with a good outcome.Thank you 😊
Paul Rubin
Paul R.
Okay you have seen the commercials heard about full implants and all I can say is this is the place,the one and only place you need to go. Personable caring focused experts in the field from the front office to the consoltation exam/procedure rooms. I have had my full implants for a year now and after 6 months received my final set of permanent implants and they are wonderful. Dr. Roy Theriot by far is the most caring professional I have ever delt with and hope he will be there for years to come to continue the world class service he has provided. You may have seen on tv people eating corn on the cob right after the procedure from me to you that will not be the case but within 3 months you will and after 6 for sure.Great place I would recommend to anyone.
Ann Tucker
Ann T.
Everyone was pleasant and professional, office is clean and updated, new Dr. is pleasant and professional!
Highly recommend Aria! Aria Dental Implant and Dr. Joe exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I stepped into their clinic, I felt welcomed and cared for. Dr. Joe’s expertise in dental implants is unmatched, and his passion for his work shines through in every interaction.The entire staff at Aria Dental Implant was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process, answering all my questions and addressing any concerns I had.The quality of care I received at Aria Dental Implant is truly exceptional. Dr. Joe’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensured that I received the best possible treatment. Thanks to him and his team!I highly recommend Aria Dental Implant and Dr. Joe to anyone in need of dental implant services. You won’t find a better team of professionals anywhere else. Thank you, Aria Dental Implant!
Augie Gonzalez
Augie G.
Although this has been a long process Aria has been great all the way through. Even when I had doubts in the beginning. Quality service and dental work.
Megan Haroldson
Megan H.
The staff is caring and knowledgeable. I appreciate the extreme patience that the dentist and staff have had with me.
matt singleton
matt S.
I am happy with My all on 4! I got the top and bottom done with zirconia.There was no pain really at all and they look and feel like having normal teeth. I would recommend Dr Joe and his staff! They're very good at what they do! and thier prices are doable. I saved alot of moeny going here compared to a few other places I checked out. Update 2/6/24 Still the best decision I've made.
Laura Lane
Laura L.
LOVE THEM! Very kind, professional, thoughtful and very, very competent! The entire process of my dental implant journey was seamless and almost a joy. The metamorphosis from no smile to embracing my perfect smile has been a life changing experience and continues to be so. Bravo team Aria!
Marcy Hoke
Marcy H.
Very caring and nice people. They made me feel very comfortable, and that was just for my consultation. I look forward to getting my teeth done with them!
Cari Nelson
Cari N.
Love everyone there...
Dale Godfrey
Dale G.
Absolutely best experience from beginning to end. Super professional and has all the latest technology.
Bill Holmes
Bill H.
Attentive and caring for the patients. Dr. Adam's made you feel secure and in good hands.
Karen Regino
Karen R.
Suzy and Karen are the best front desk
Don and Lindsay Mead
Don and Lindsay M.
Hubby got his full implants done first. They did such a good job, I decided to get mine done as well. Dr. Joe, and all of his staff, have been amazing. Every visit. They are all so personable and knowledgeable. No more anxiety about dental appointments. Yay.
Joseph Gates
Joseph G.
Excellent as always! Everyone at Aria is friendly, professional, and respond very quickly to any questions or concerns. So glad I chose them for implants!
Patrick Collins
Patrick C.
As always the staff is awesome. 1st class operation
Pam Connelly
Pam C.
Dr. Joe is excellent. He explains what’s going on so you understand and has a kind gentle demeanor. His office is state of the art and his staff are all great. If you need a dentist that does implants make an appointment with him you will be glad you did.
Sanela Marshall
Sanela M.
What a lovely experience so far. Just went in for my first consult and was very impressed with the staff and the doctors. It's going to be a long process for me to get the smile of my dreams, but after having 3 other consultants elsewhere, I am certain this is the right team for me. Thank you for making me feel comfortable, answering all of my questions and trying to keep the cost to a minimum. Much appreciated. Looking forward to this long journey together.
Charity Schulenburg
Charity S.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Aria Dental! The staff is super friendly and welcoming. I’ve seen both Dr Joe and Dr Theriot for an extraction/implant and they are so good at what they do I barely felt a thing. I’m so grateful to have found this practice!
Maryam Aldulaimi
Maryam A.
Triple 5 stars ! Very professional knowledgeable and made my visit so smooth, can’t wait to start treatmentThanks Dr.Joe/Scott and the rest of the team for the great experience.
James Taylor
James T.
Always very professional, they solved my issue immediately.
Rhino A/C Escuela de Refrigeracion
Rhino A/C Escuela de R.
Excelente muy profesional todo el equipo en especial Maria , me dio una explicación súper Profecional estoy agradecido y pronto seré un paciente para mi nueva dentadura !!!
Belinda Will
Belinda W.
Everyone so nice . Great place for implants.Had alot if bleeding and took great care of me. I would lightly recommend.
tami Steele
tami S.
Everyone is so friendly and very professional
richard henkel
richard H.
I have the highest regard for Dr Joe's professionalism, knowledge, openness, and attentiveness to his patients.
Sarah McCarty
Sarah M.
I am so blessed to have been referred to Aria Dental Implant Center! They are theeeee most professional and proficient team of admin staff, techs, dentists etc. They never take more than a few hours to answer a call or email and when they do, they always have answers for my questions and concerns! 10/10 definitely recommend!
Stick Lester
Stick L.
Aria Dental is number 1 in my book of Implants 4 on 4 as Dr Joe and the whole entire staff are all top notch AAA +++++Trust me you will not find a better Implant Center Period Thanks Aria KH
Brandon Mollet
Brandon M.
I’ve been to 20 plus dental offices over the past 10 years and this is by far the best place I’ve gone to. They don’t care about making money. They actually care about you as a human being.
Lany Pena
Lany P.
Words cannot express the feeling of ease, comfort and understanding that you get at Aria dental. The thought of a better you with a new smile , a happy heart is a dream come true. All because you came to see Dr. Joe and his awesome staff. You leave with hope and a feeling of worth ,n eventually a beautiful set of pearly whites.
Super professional!!! Best implant ever and recommend my patient's go there.
Joe McHugh
Joe M.
Well run office. Everyone, especially Maria, was informative and professional. The doctor took the time to personally come in and sit down to discuss things. Enjoyed my visit very much. Very comfortable..Joe
Laurie Gehlsen
Laurie G.
Professional, friendly. Took the time to explain everything and offered options for different budgets. Highly recommend.
John Lopez
John L.
Very nice people they go over thing with you and explain every question you may have and make sure you understand everything . And they do very good work thank you all for everything you done
Russ Van Natta
Russ Van N.
Still early in the procedure so I have no results to share, but they honestly seem to care and listen to my needs
Andrea henry
Andrea H.
I felt comfortable and less afraid than I usually am at the dentist. Suzy was especially helpful and I can’t thank her enough.
Immaculate office, very nice personable staff and Dr. Will be coming down from Prescott to go to this dentist!
Leslye Lauer
Leslye L.
Friendly staff and a beautiful office. They were very thorough and explained the entire process. Pricing was significantly lower than other implant centers.
Laurie Gordon
Laurie G.
The Aria Staff was so friendly, helpful, thorough and especially honest!!
Micheal Johnson
Micheal J.
Very nice staff, very professional!. Prompt, on time, informative. Great experience!
G Lady
G L.
This Dentist office is by far The Best, it starts at t the front desk as soon as you walk in all you need will be provided for you.. The back office Team is like "The Care bears" office They all have different ways of taking care of you and together they make this Life changing experience even better... I have referred friends and have gone through the process and feel the same as I do...definitely worth going in to see the plans and talk to someone...(and first visit is free) recommended 100%
Francisco Campiz
Francisco C.
Excelente servicio todos muy amables
Senior Director
Senior D.
Dear Dr. Joe MehranfarYour staff were all very friendly and helpful. I loved how You and Landen took your time to explain my implants conditions with me as well as my treatment options on my very first visit. That’s a big time saving for me as a paciente, not to mention “Arya Dental Implant center in Phienix ” is an A class dental facility.The treatment costs are affordable and far away from National and local brands such as “Clear choice Implants”Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful concern in regard to my health and providing me with excellent dental implants care. I am most grateful for your kindnessOscar Sadeghi
John Foarde
John F.
It was only my first consultation but everyoneI met even the doctor was very friendly and made me feel welcome I was very happy and impressed with the whole process as it was explained to me
April Ashburn
April A.
The service was very professional.
Odilia Nuñez
Odilia N.
Excelente servició en general Arit Dental lo recomiendo por excelencia por todo el personal en general
The whole place is fantastic. I havnt had any work done yet, but as soon as im able to get it started Im going here!Everyone from the Doctors on down to the receptionist were warm friendly and helpful. Cant wait to get my new chompers!!!
Kyle S
Kyle S
Dr Joe and staff were A+ outstanding. So happy I chose this place.
Kenny Lyon
Kenny L.
Super nice people, can't wait to start the work!!
Sandy Critcher
Sandy C.
I recently had implant surgery at Aria Dental. It is a fantastic dental office with incredibly friendly dentists - Dr. Theriot is so kind, patient and very thorough. Dr Guzman made me feel at ease. Dr. Mehranfar is an exceptional dentist with a wealth of knowledge in the implant field.Each of the doctors took the time to explain the entire process to me and answer all of my questions.Their kindness and gentle approach has made me feel at ease throughout my entire experience so far. After shopping around, I felt that Aria offered great value at a reasonable price.I highly recommend this Aria dental to anyone in need of dental implants!!!
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