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Tommy Gufano
Tommy G.
Dr. Joe and his staff were great! Very knowledgeable and professional. Also, I found the prices to be much lower than other centers. Good work!!
Dennis Chavez
Dennis C.
So far so good very pleasant discussion wit Jeanette. Look forward to getting the teeth fixed.
Michele Brown
Michele B.
Dr Joe and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Highly recommend Dr Joe.
Aria Dental has been giving me the best of care. The entire team deserves praise. Thank you.
Bill Hudson
Bill H.
Very professional. All are friendly and welcome you on each visit.
Dennis Franks
Dennis F.
Painless and very reasonable.
William Hickey
William H.
Best dental team I have ever been in contact went in only for a consultation today and ended up doing the whole procedure. Almost completely painless even the numbing which is usually the worst part of dental surgery. Could not be more satisfied
Great team!!! Always the BEST choice for implants. They will improve your self esteem every time you smile.
Maria Garcia
Maria G.
Rodney Parris
Rodney P.
One the most attentive concerned people that enjoy making people smile they're about your good happy people that I thought I wouldn't smile again but they brought a smile out of me don't let them fool you they enjoy their jobs and they do a wonderful job probably the best in town now when I walk through town I'm smiling all the time they are really nice people don't get me wrong they really are sweet people and all they want to do is make you happy when happiness is just not on your mind thank you guys
Jeanice Bergevin
Jeanice B.
I love all the staff and Doctors here are amazing, caring and financially fair. I wish I would have found them years ago before I suffered 2 failed implants and chronic infections. I highly recommend Aria Dental.
Carolyn Brzeczek
Carolyn B.
Oh my goodness! Where do I start? I researched and did the free consultation thing with many throughout the area. I didn’t care how far I drove, I just wanted the best “deal”. But after hearing how much each place charged I gave up. Then I kept seeing this commercial about Aria Dental and I thought nope. I’m tired of shopping around. But something kept bugging me about Aria Dental and I decided to go. When Dr. Joe explained all the steps to me I thought in the back of my mind, hey I’ve heard this shpeel before. Turns out, this place teaches other doctors the latest techniques on performing the All-On-Four implant procedure. Who knew?! I was thinking about cutting the consult short assuming, as with the other places, I couldn’t afford this place either. Then they turned over this piece of paper. What?! Wait…what?!…that’s over $17K LESS than a few of the places I went and $22K LESS than the closest place to my home. Sign me up! Little did I know the fantastic great care I would receive. Extremely caring. Dr Joe was fantastic and so attentive. Super surgeon!! He explained so well what was going on with the healing process and Dr. Roy, oh boy..he’s Superman!Dr Roy is totally awesome! He answered all my concerns as well. Dr. Roy was soooo patient with me. I guess I could be a needy type person, okay, well, maybe I am, but that didn’t stop Dr. Roy from his patience and care. He took his time in his care for me. Dr. Roy knew how to handle any concerns or problems I had. And Dr. Roy is a terrific designer as well. He was very, very detailed in helping me with designing my smile to appear natural and yet brighter!And the support staff are super top notch! They are quick to answer your questions when you text or call. They pass on the info to the doctors and bam, they get right back to you. They are extremely knowledgeable. I was very impressed with their skills and how much they work together as a team.I would HIGHLY recommend Aria Dental. You will be very impressed by them and their work!
Guy Sawyer
Guy S.
Extremely friendly and professional dentist and staff. I went in to see my previous dentist (and I do mean previous) for a routine 6 month exam and cleaning. No x-rays. The technician took photos of two molars that looked suspicious. The new dentist spent 2 minutes explaining the molars would need crowns or implants and the importance of having the procedure done asap. I asked how long it would take. He replied 2 1/2 hours each. That included prep, in house lab, and installation. I also could also have both done on the same day. All for $3000 after a $600 discount from my dental plan. For me, that was sticker shock. I decided to look around for a second opinion. I left messages at three different dental practices who specialize in both implants and crowns. Scott from Aria contacted me. He was extremely helpful and set up an appointment for my consultation. He explained that if I actually needed to get crowns it would cost much less than my previous dentist's quote. Today Sara greeted me with a friendly smile (behind the mask) and proceeded to take a multitude of x-rays. Kevin came in to discuss the findings. He explained every anomaly of my 72 year old teeth. Talk about thorough! I agreed on having two crowns and was hoping the cost would match Scott's quote. I was happy and amazed the cost was even less.I'm looking forward to the experience.
Greg Cooper
Greg C.
Just visited Aria Dental for the first time! They are very courteous and take the time to explain all options. I’ve had the same dentist for years, but will now switch due to the excellent service I received today!
Don Frank
Don F.
The staff was very professional. Everyone was very concerned for my needs. Dr. Joe is outstanding. The whole team is the best. Thank you so much. 👍👍👍
andy ybanez
andy Y.
The staff here at Aria dental has been outstanding from start to finish ,Dr Joe and his staff has been amazing thru my who process I highly recommend Aria for any type of dental needs you may have .I appreciate everything they have done for me and I want to thank Dr Joe and his staff for being professional and for making me feel at home and at ease
AJ Silra
Aria dental most reasonably priced, with high quality service. They make your dental implant experience delightful.
Mike Terry
Mike T.
Always a great experience!
Dartez Family Emails
Dartez Family E.
Update: 10/27/2022: After 1yr. from consultation to surgery to periodic visits while healing took place & using each stage of ea. of the full denture prostetics, yesterday on 10/26/22 I just received my final one of the All-on-4 full implant denture. All of the protestics in ea. stage worked perfectly without any issues, but the final one is made of the strongest material zirconia & the most beautiful one of all. Yes, 1yr. is a long haul but worth the time & money invested because I was carefully monitored with the top rated new technology used, all the staff from front office to back technicians are all top notch & I truly enjoyed building great patient relationships with each. Last but not least Dr. Roy is the best in my opinion & truly an artist in creating the most wonderful smile that enhanced my facial structure beyond the set of teeth I was naturally born with. I tried for 1yr. prior to Aria Dental to use a removable upper denture & it was a complete nightmare with numerous adjustments that never fit properly, always left my gums sore, I never could speak properly & deep depression set in thinking life would never be the same again without my natural teeth. Aria Dental took all this nightmare & gave me back everything. The All-in-4 for me was the only way to go in receiving the most natural feeling & most beautiful permanent smile. I am forever grateful to this establishment & I will take the upmost care of the 2nd chance I have been given to have a full upper new set of teeth. After this financed goal is paid off in 6 more mos. my next goal with Aria Dental is to have the same procedure done for my lower natural teeth of not many left & in bad shape. I'm looking forward soon to my next big adventure at Aria Dental & seeing all the staff again.Initial Review 10/2021: Dr. Joe, you and your staff are amazing! You run your own prestige Aria Dental Implant Center and Clinical Director at the Dental Hearts organization directing/training U.S licensed dentists on live implant surgeries. Along with your support team of staff by your side you all seem to make dreams come true with magic! You are a family man, take great pride in how you dress and present yourself in a professional manner yet have this natural ability about you to make a patient feel welcomed and part of friends & family. All I would like to know is when do you ever get to sleep and enjoy the things in life besides dedicate yourself, perfecting your talents and send patients on their way to a whole new life with a beautiful smile they wished they could have been born with? Your team you assigned to my dental case surgery on Friday under your supervision was better than I imagined. I was so frightened of the unknown going in and walked out the same day feeling better than I ever felt about my smile in over 15 years. I never could afford such a expensive procedure until Craig owner of C&D Denture recommended your facility which is offering many available payment plans and finding the right plan to fit into my monthly budget for my dental issues along with my daughter's dental issues as well. We both became your patients all in one day! I'm happy to brag by day 3 post surgery I felt very good in recovery. By day 5 is when I noticed huge recovery improvement of healing taking place from what I needed in a very radical surgical procedure. I am looking forward to my 1st post op follow up so I can give you all my big beautiful smile and give you hugs of thanks. I look forward to the next 4 to 6 months of complete healing under the continual guidance of your and your staff. I promise I will do everything I can to protect and care for my new smile! I know my dental situation was of very poor condition and I can't stop being amazed of what was able to be done for me at Dental Hearts. I have gained my confidence back, my depression is gone and I don't have to continue to wear a mask any longer just to hide behind it. Thank you again, Cynthia
richard henkel
richard H.
I have the highest regard for Dr Joe's professionalism, knowledge, openness, and attentiveness to his patients.
Robert Chavez
Robert C.
Very clean and the hospitality I felt was warm and inviting look forward to my next visit
Danh Le
Danh L.
The Dr joe is honest; he explained throughout if we need implants.
matt singleton
matt S.
I am happy with My all on 4! I got the top and bottom done with zirconia.There was no pain really at all and they look and feel like having normal teeth. I would recommend Dr Joe and his staff! They're very good at what they do! and thier prices are doable. I saved alot of moeny going here.
Nathan Zardus
Nathan Z.
Always a great experience, very professional , and the facilities are state of the art. Thank you Dr.Joe and to all the other Dr.s that assisted in my operation I appreciate it very much.
Randy Patten
Randy P.
Went in a little bit anxious and had a student that was fan tastic couldn’t ask for any better treatment when he goes back to Hawaii I would recommend him highly Thank you for a while done job
Keli Nelson
Keli N.
Unfortunately, Ive have had to come to this dental office for the last 2 years for 5 different implants. I hate going to the dentist. In saying that. I’m so thrilled that I found them On Nextdoor AppThey have the newest equipment, and great student DDS to do your implants and extractions if needed. Plus dentures.There is always a qualified DDS that works there in the room to walk the new DDS’s though steps to help them learn how to do implants the right way.The front office girls are professional, very nice, helpful, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place and Dr everyone. I feel comfortable and safe there.
Mike Matthies
Mike M.
The entire team at Aria Implant Center was outstanding! Probably the best dental surgery I’ve had. Far better than my last experiences. Highly recommended.
Reza Afjeh
Reza A.
great doctors i had great experience i recommend to all my family and friends
Stephen Boesch
Stephen B.
They are a very caring group here! I have always had a wonderful experience here! Dr. Joe, Dr. Roy, Landon and Oscar are just the best! Dana Boesch
Verlin Helmers
Verlin H.
Aria dental and whole staff are the best 👍
America Padilla
America P.
After much research Aria Dental Center has the lowest prices by far. The staff is amazing! Landon & Dr. Joe Amazing!With their high tech equipment they were able to show me everything I need to know about the All on 4 Dental Implant process.Something to smile about now~ 🙂
Jeff Tendick
Jeff T.
Best dental office EVER visited. Staff very welcoming, kind and professional. All at GREAT PRICES!! THANK YOU
Jeff Elliott (no nickname)
Jeff Elliott (no N.
A person with a history of horrible dental experiences, I did my vetting/investigation for about 1 year. Aria Dental Implant Center with Dr. Joe and his staff made them my top pick. So glad I chose them!! Dr. Joe.s knowledge, skill, professionalism, caring and enthusiasm is terrific. The entire staff has been remarkably caring, very capable, emotionally positive. A day after the "heavy lifting" initial surgery, I would be break dancing if I knew how. Pain management is wonderful, I have felt NO PAIN, managed the swelling, which has decreased greatly. Nothing but thankful, great accolades for Dr. Joe and his crew. Glad I won't have to do this again, but, if I did, I know who to count on. Huge, sincere thanks to the entire crew at Aria Dental Implant Center. I can smile again !!
Cindy Keithley
Cindy K.
Great staff.. excellent service. I am having permanent implants in February.
Adam Wende
Adam W.
Incredible value, with top notch work. Would highly recommend them. (They did an implant for me)
Emily Smart
Emily S.
Wonderful and conscientious. Amazing experience.
Tm Kleinschmidt
Tm K.
I had been looking for a All on 4 dentist for many years..I chose Aria Dental and became very confident in having Dr Joe to my procedure..He is very efficient and have had little pain..I would like to Thank Dr Joe and his great team for such a great experience!! Would highly recommend.
Pualani Crider
Pualani C.
It was a great experience everyone was very helpful and informative
Malka Kagan
Malka K.
Dr. Joe and his entire team are highly professionals and going an extra miles to make sure their patients are comfortable and satisfied with their dental ipmplants. I am recommending Aria Dental Implant to all of my friends and also to my customer.
Brian Bray
Brian B.
Excellent quality and service. Very happy I choose Aria. My teeth look perfect.
robert ishmael
robert I.
They take their time with you makes you feel comfortable about it like they actually care. 😊
Dale Godfrey
Dale G.
Absolutely best experience from beginning to end. Super professional and has all the latest technology.
Carmen Barela
Carmen B.
Dr. Joe, I am pleased with the surgery….it was complete and all the results are positive. We missed your call last evening but I want you to know I’m feeling well, virtually no pain plus I slept all night……just praying for continued healing going forward. I will see you in January. You are one heck of a dental implant specialist and we love you! Fred & Carmen Barela
Lori Killian
Lori K.
Very easy. The staff was super friendly. And I love my new smile. THANKS DR JOE & TEAM.
Clement Lewis
Clement L.
I was very satisfied w/my procedure. Also the dentist's and their assistant. 👍
Renita Davidson
Renita D.
Aria Dental Center is one of the most professional and courteous establishments I’ve visited in quite some time! Dr. Joe and his team are thorough in not only reviewing my dental needs but also patient in taking time to listen to my concerns. They provided a detailed summary of the pros and cons of the various choices. These details are very much needed when making a final decision the best dental service for me! With that being said I say thank you!!!
Julie Vert
Julie V.
I hate getting dental work done but everyone there is very nice.
PHD Senior Director
PHD Senior D.
Dear Dr. Joe MehranfarYour staff were all very friendly and helpful. I loved how You and Landen took your time to explain my implants conditions with me as well as my treatment options on my very first visit. That’s a big time saving for me as a paciente, not to mention “Arya Dental Implant center in Phienix ” is an A class dental facility.The treatment costs are affordable and far away from National and local brands such as “Clear choice Implants”Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful concern in regard to my health and providing me with excellent dental implants care. I am most grateful for your kindnessOscar Sadeghi
john tomey
john T.
Very professional, super clean facility with knowledgeable medical advise.
Isidro Urias
Isidro U.
Great service
Kent Lambert
Kent L.
I would like to say this about Dr Joe. I met him in 2017 .Since that time & now .Dr Joe has always been professional with the care & up keep of my implants.Thank you to all of the staff you as well 💓 always maintain a complete professional manner.
Robert Whitsitt
Robert W.
Great place for dental issues. Great doctors and staff.
Karolyn Liljeberg
Karolyn L.
The visit was conducted in an efficient and careful manner.
Brian Kennedy
Brian K.
The staff was outstanding!! Explained everything to me in clear terms. I am definitely going to have my implants done here !!!!
Salvador Oceguera
Salvador O.
Me encanta este lugar todos ustedes son amigables y professionals
Curtis White
Curtis W.
Very professional. Proper rates for implantations
Ray Muench
Ray M.
After searching the greater Phoenix area for a solution to my extensive dental problems, I met Dr Joe at Aria Dental Implant Center. I found Dr.Joe and company to be professional and experienced. I was apprehensive about pain. I never felt any bad pain. Pain was handled with Advil. They have a completely high tech facility. They built your new teeth totally on site. They have a price below others while maintaining quality. Check them out, they are nice people.
Susan Kazanjian
Susan K.
My visit was a good experience!Dr Joe was very knowledgeable, pleasant, patient and easy to talk to! He explained everything to us and answered all of our questions with ease.Everyone at Aria Dental was courteous, pleasant and was eager to help!Thank you Dr joe, Maria and Suzy
Tom Lobianco
Tom L.
Dairy professional very courteous never felt anything but comfortable
nancy shaeffer
nancy S.
Fantastic!! Could not be more pleased!! Thank you to the whole team!! You have made me a very happy man!!!
Michelle Darnell
Michelle D.
Landon is great! The gentleman who helped me with my healing cap was AMAZING! Wanna say his name is Josh but not positive
Robert DeVinny
Robert D.
Professional as always . People are wonderful to work with, they care about you individually.
Jackie Fure
Jackie F.
Really nice staff awesome dentist realistic and reasonable prices plus programs to help you cover the cost. I will be scheduling to have my dental work done here
Neil Reithinger
Neil R.
Very impressed with the team and their facility. There was no pressure selling like some of the other implant centers I visited.
Sara Thompson
Sara T.
Aria Dental is absolutely AMAZING!!! They make you feel so welcome and never judge you! Thank you team! Can’t wait to work with you
Randy Kroeker
Randy K.
All of the very helpful, exquisitely nice, wonderful people at Aria are so nice. I was treated very well, and efficiently speedy. A message for Gaydos at KTAR, thank you, sir, for your advertising service for Aria Dental.
Andy Forster
Andy F.
If you want to get an implant, this is THE place to go. Friendly, professional, talented and always ahead of schedule.
Bob Bello
Bob B.
Dr. Joe and the staff were great! Very informative. I really appreciate there time and attention to detail.
Went in for my consultation for dental implants yesterday. I was impressed by how informed the gentleman was about the implants and the various options available, and his ability to educate me about my choices. He and all the staff I encountered during my visit were very nice and helped me to feel comfortable. All My questions were answered. I am choosing to have my implants (full mouth!) done at this office. I will update my review after surgery and share my thoughts about my upcoming experiences there. So far, I highly recommend.
Wayne Throw
Wayne T.
Did a lot of research when looking for affordable all on four implants. Read lots of positive reviews for ARIA. Sat down and interviewed with Scott and Dr. Joe. Once I decided to go with ARIA. The staff was outstanding, friendly, knowledgeable. Answered all of my questions and addressed any concerns. I highly recommend ARIA. If you're thinking of implants, I would set up a meeting to chat with them. Awesome experience throughout the entire time.
Ray Lewis
Ray L.
I went to Aria Dental Implant Center for a consultation for All-on-Four. I've probably gone to Six different dental offices for All-on-Four consultations. I found Dr. Joe and staff to be second to none when it comes to their level of professionalism and commitment to excellence in customer service. I tend to be a very analytical person that asks lots of questions. Dr. Joe patiently answered all my question and several others I didn't think to ask. Most of all, I got the sense that Dr Joe is extremely transparent and committed to the highest standards of ethical care. In a field of dentistry where there is lots of money to be made, never did I get the sense that Dr. Joe was motivated by money. I can't say that about some of the other dental offices I've visited. I've done my due diligence and Dr. Joe is my choice for All-on-Four. Can't wait to get this process started and improve my smile. Thanks for the great consultation Team Aria.
Debra Mcisaac
Debra M.
I have always wanted implants so last year I started my research I loved the reviews from Aria Dental . I made my appointment in October and went for a consultation. The team was amazing they went over everything with me. I had full implant on the top a week ago, it has changed my life the way I feel about me my confidence Dr Joe and his team made me feel like I was family they all truly cared about me. I highly recommend Aria Dental very satsified
Surreal Acrylic Pouring
Surreal Acrylic P.
excellent service
Remo Daniel
Remo D.
Great doctor great staff very friendly very professional keep up the good work 100/100
Jade Rochel
Jade R.
I fear going to the dentist, they're scary, but this staff is just excellent! They were very thorough with everything, including pricing and procedure. They did a good job! Recommend this place to anyone needing their services.
annie chan
annie C.
Dr Joe is a very good doctor. Today’s appointment was very enjoyable. He did an excellent job performing the procedure for dental implants 5 years ago. He complimented me on my oral hygiene routine and said there are no problems.
Heather Bucholz
Heather B.
So I visited again for a follow up and honestly the service is so good. The quality and expertise is knowledgeable input the one can depend on for direct answers delivered in kindness.Beautiful office and they take care of you 🌸
mike lund
mike L.
Did not have the implant done yet. Went in for the consultation. Very professional and caring. There was no charge. Just as advertised. They even temporarily repaired a damaged tooth. No high pressure sales. Told me my options. Told me to do some research. If I get an implant it will be done here. I highly recommend Aria Dental.
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