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Are you considering having the All-on-4® or an Implant-Supported Overdenture?

17 Questions to ask your Dentist if you are Considering Full Mouth Dental Implants

Getting dental implants is a very big financial and time commitment. Make sure you ask the right questions when considering a dentist for implant surgery for the All-on-4® or an implant overdenture.

1. How many full arch cases has the dentist completed both surgically and restoratively?

Experience is very important with dental implant surgery and especially with large surgeries such as the All-on-4® and implant overdentures.

2. Is the dental practice set up for large surgeries?

Having a surgical suite or suites will allow the dentist to have the right setting for dental implant placement. Surgical suites are different than general dentist operatories.

3. What implant system does the doctor use?

Is the dental implant system FDA approved and does it have long term success with the large implant cases?

4. What dental lab does the doctor use?

Does the dental lab have case design experience with large implant cases? All-on-4® cases are technique sensitive and the more experience a lab has, the better chance for success. The lab and dentist should work together to treatment plan the best option for you.

5. How many large cases has the dental lab restored?

Experience matters. The more cases that the labs completed, the more likely for a successful outcome.

6. What is the difference between fixed and removable prosthesis?

A fixed case is in reference to the final prosthesis (denture/teeth) that will be screwed in the abutments on top of the dental implants. A fixed case is screwed in and can only be removed by a dentist for cleaning, hygiene, or repair. A removable case is where the denture is able to be removed by the patient. The prosthesis or denture will snap in or out and can be removed at night for sleeping and cleaning. Removable dentures usually have the palate and will cover the roof of your mouth. Fixed prosthesis will be like real teeth and will not cover the roof of your mouth.

7. How long with entire process take?

There are many factors that go into how long the entire procedure will take until the delivery of your final prosthesis. For most cases you will receive your final prosthesis between 4 to 6 months from your first initial consultation.

8. Will I have to go without teeth?

For the All-on-4® in most cases you will receive a screwed in prosthesis at the time of surgery. For the implant overdenture, you can receive a healing denture at the time of surgery which will not be secured while your implants are healing.

9. What is included in the All-on-4® or All on X treatment plan?

Is it just the provisional prosthesis at the time of surgery or is it the temporary and final prosthesis?

10. What material is the final prosthesis with the All-on-4® made?

There can be a milled titanium bar that involves using an acrylic denture or milled all zirconia (porcelain) prosthesis. The zirconia prosthesis will have a higher price than the titanium prosthesis in most cases. Talk with your clinician to see which is right for you.

11. How many appointments will be required for the entire treatment plan?

This varies by practice. But, to have the optimal fit and shade that meets your requirements, it can take 8 to 15 visits to have proper function and smile. There is a lot of time invested by the patient, dental team, and dental lab to give you the best fit and smile possible.

12. What is the warranty for the dental implants and the prosthesis?

This varies by practice. The dental implants and prosthesis will usually have a one-year warranty in most practices.

13. What is the lab warranty for the prosthesis?

This varies by dental lab.

14. What foods will I be able to eat?

This will depend on the surgery but, after the surgery you will eat soft foods while the dental implants are healing. When you get your permanent teeth with the All-on-4® you will be able to eat the foods you enjoy. With an implant overdenture you will be able to restore 80% of your original biting power.

15. How long will I be on a soft foods diet?

On average, 2 to 5 months after surgery.

16. What is the maintenance that is required after I receive my final prosthesis?

Bi-yearly maintenance and hygiene is required and will assist in the long-term success of your implants and prosthesis. For the All-on-4® this can only be removed by a dentist. They will clean the prosthesis for you. For the implant over denture, the parts will need to be changed out once or twice a year by your dentist. You will be able to take this out at night and clean it at home.

17. What are the fees for the maintenance?

This will depend on your dentist and may be covered by your dental insurance.

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