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Bone grafting and bone reconstruction are needed in cases where the patient has suffered a good amount of bone loss due to missing teeth. When a person loses a tooth or has one or more teeth extracted, the bone tends to shrink or deteriorate due to the absence of a root structure. The longer a patient goes without the support of a tooth root, the worse the recession is likely to be. Bone grafting can help the implant dentist rebuild the structure that is needed to support one or more dental implants.

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Bone Grafting for Dental Implant Support

About the procedure

Even if one is new to hearing about bone grafting for dental implants, it's quite routine for patients to need a graft in order for their implants to be successful. Bone deterioration happens quickly. During our complimentary in-office consultation, Dr. Joe will determine if a bone graft is necessary.

The type of bone graft Dr. Joe will use is dependent on the location of the lost tooth or teeth and how severe the loss is. Dr. Joe and his skilled team will perform the bone graft while the patient is under sedation. The patient will likely not remember any of the procedure and experience little to no pain during treatment.

Right after the procedure, the area will be tender. In about 4-6 months, the bone should be healed and ready for implants to be placed.

Sinus lift surgery

A sinus lift or sinus augmentation takes place when there isn't enough healthy bone in the back of your upper jaw, near your sinuses, to support your new dental implant. Sinus lift surgery raises the sinus floor to make room for a bone graft to be placed which in turn can support the implant. The entire procedure is done under sedation and causes mild discomfort temporarily. The healing process is anywhere between four and twelve months.

Tooth extractions

From simple to complex extractions, Dr. Joe and his team provide a comfortable and gentle experience for when you need your teeth removed in Phoenix. Dr. Joe will ensure that once you have a tooth extracted, you know what the next best steps are in having your tooth replaced as well. We have removed thousands of damaged teeth to make room for new sets of teeth with implants. We are one of the most trusted and experienced dental offices to perform extractions in the area. For tooth removal with care, precision and expertise - contact our office.

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