Phoenix Dental Implants: How Dentistry Improves Your Quality of Life

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How Dentistry Improves Your Quality of Life

There’s more to having a healthy, attractive smile than just being free of toothaches. Preventative dentistry and specialized dental treatments can significantly improve the quality of your life. Here are just a few examples from our Phoenix Dental Implant Specialist:

The Oral-Systemic Health Connection

Our dental health—particularly when it comes to our gums—is directly related to numerous underlying medical conditions. For example, untreated gum disease can significantly increase your risk and severity of:

  • Cardiovascular disease (including heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure)
  • Diabetes
  • Infertility, preeclampsia, and erectile dysfunction
  • Pneumonia and respiratory disease

Since oral bacteria can spread through diseased gum tissues directly into our bloodstreams, it strains our immune system and puts us at a greater risk for medical complications. Fortunately, therapeutic dental care and a healthy mouth can stabilize bacterial levels and have just as positive of an impact on our overall wellness.

Your Personality and Self-Confidence

When you have healthy teeth, you’ll feel more confident about doing things like posing in photos, laughing around friends, and even speaking in front of a group of other people. These social interactions and the way you act around others can directly influence your personality and the impression you make on other people. In fact, some studies show people with attractive teeth tend to be seen as friendlier and even do better at things like job interviews. Investing in your smile is a smart investment in yourself!

Pay attention to the little choices that you make. Are any of them because of the way your teeth look?

Your Overall Appearance

Tooth loss, extractions, and dental disease can significantly change the way your facial profile looks. Over time, things like bone loss can reshape your jaws and lead to a lack of fullness in your lips and cheeks, causing premature aging. Seeing your dentist on a regular basis can help you maintain your oral health to avoid or delay these unwanted physical changes. If you do suffer from tooth loss, see our Phoenix dental implant specialist to discuss replacement teeth options.

Balanced Diet and Nutritional Intake

It’s easy to take for granted, but we need a healthy, functioning set of teeth to properly break down our nutrients ahead of the internal digestive process. With missing teeth, it becomes more difficult to thoroughly chew firmer textures. This scenario can lead to lifestyle changes and dietary shifts toward softer, more processed foods. As the years go by, these nutritional habits can alter our overall nutrient absorption, leading to deficiencies that affect our body.

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